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Vulcan Industrial Corporation

Since the establishment of Vulcan Industrial Corporation in 1973 by President, Hong Wan Shen and Managing Director, Hong Sung Shyong, the company has achieved distinction by supplying a varied range of steel products and cutting services to the iron and steel industry. This has been made possible through diligent devotion to the company's guiding principles of "Trustworthiness, Integrity and Quality Service. " 
ViC, recognizing the need to focus its attention on research and development, continues to upgrade its automated facilities. In fact, the company's technology is so well accepted that it also supplies machinery to other members of the steel trade. This is also a reason why ViC occupies a leading position in the motorcycle and steel tube industry. 
Furthermore, the company's founders and management have also accepted that technology is only as good as the people behind it. For that reason, ViC makes every effort to provide an enriched work environment for its employees. As company founder, Hong Wan Shen says,"People are our greatest asset. They are the cornerstones of our foundation, and the reasons for our success. "


We believe that innovation is one of the essential elements in our objective of achieving superior product quality that meets our company goals and customer demands. We achieve this by constantly seeking for and learning from improvements. This permits us to build on our foundation of excellent production skills and thorough quality control.


"Our Customer comes First." We think from our customers’ point of view. This assures our customer that they will not just receive our product; but that they will benefit by being more competitive.

Permanent management

Top quality management is our key to improving quality, error correction, protective prevention, and data analysis. In this way we strive to constantly improve efficiency, which means we offer and produce better products.

Quality Control

It's VIC's responsibility to provide superior products and services to its customers. In view of achieving a better quality control, VIC continuously purchases and upgrades inspecting and testing facilities, and qualified quality control personnel operate all the facilities. VIC also analyzes problems encountered by customers; and if necessary, VIC asks CSC's technology unit for related technical analysis and processing research to solve the problems; sharing mutual growth with customers.